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(CMBC) Breakdown Motherfuckers (CMBC) Breakdown Motherfuckers

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Fucking awesome breakdown man, love the roar. It's got some power to it!

The riffs were awesome, I'm gonna take a page from your book and use some nice simple riffs like this. :P

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Suggested Entanglement2 Suggested Entanglement2

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Nice stuff bad, even though you cry about not being able to play awesome solos, I think this just sums it up that you can do it man! it doesn't matter how fast you play in my opinion; what makes a great musician is his ability to think of something original like you just did here. ;)

Awesome to hear some slow melodic tunes from you Bad, keep em coming!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

You kick ass. Thanks man!\m/

Waking the Beast Waking the Beast

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Hey man, sorry it's been a while since I reviewed your stuff!

I've practically been caught up in my own material (like the self loving fuck I am) :D

Anyway, first off I gotta say I love the bass tone in this! nice and chunky with plenty of treble, that's how it should be mofo! Could be slightly louder, but it's fine like this anyways.

Guitars just tore me to shreds, we can brag about our pod X3 tone together now seeing as most other fucks don't have one :P

Lead was very nice and somewhat soothing.

Acoustic part was nice, like the chillout session before a shitstorm.

Drums were awesome, but I can certainly tell it's DKFH. It's got that distinctive sound to it. You beefed it up a whole lot more.

Everything is awesomely apparent in this, you should definitely think about adding some raw Trademark Bad man inc. vocals ;)

We need to collab again some time soon fucker, you rock!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Haha, thanks man. Always awesome to hear from you! You are right, we should do another collab song.
Man, I love my X3.
May have vocals, one day. If I can find the time to do ANY vocals. I have 8 projects waiting for vocals. :(
Anyways, yeah, ezdrummer...with my own kick sample. My newer stuff, will sound even better, as I'm a bit of a freak with the drums. haha.
Always glad to have a review, from you man. Just keep pumping out the tunes!
Thanks again, bro.

Piss Coming From My Ass vocals Piss Coming From My Ass vocals

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I lol'ed a lot :D

That's some pretty sweet riffing at 0:35

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speedmetalmessiah responds:

Yeah, he did a good job with the music. Thanks for the review.

Preparation 4 War Preparation 4 War

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Damn, this is pretty effective in the emotion department.

You can definitely tell you were inspired by a game or something! xD

The developement from the intro throughout is Epic.

Also, love the drum beats. Pretty funkeh!

5'ed, and 10'ed

Battle track 7 Battle track 7

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Pretty brutal man, the track sounds great thus far. Pity the guy didn't use it :/

On the production side of things though you should try EQing those guitars a bit differently. They sound a bit muddy to me.

Nice to see something from you once in a while dude :)

5'ed because you're awesome ;D

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Demon-Slayer12 responds:

Yeah, the guitars sound crap because this tone was made that morning while I was hungover, and its not the original drum track like I thought it was. This is the old Korg tone I had 3 years ago. Thanks for the kickass review dude, cheers!

Rose At Twilight Rose At Twilight

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Holy shit! how much I would love to put real guitar into this song...

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Windows Beat 2 Windows Beat 2

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N***a stole my bike!

Godmodeon-Xeno/Mj Godmodeon-Xeno/Mj

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Well this is just Awesome in a can!

All my props to you on this MJ, fucking outstanding as always :D

The tones just match up perfectly. Your playing is perfect. Everything about this is perfect.

You get a lot of brownie points for this man. :)

If there's anything I can do to help you with any projects, just gimme a shout ;D

Metaljonus responds:

Props to you for making a killer track to shred over. :) I'll definitely hit you up with some ideas I got for a song or cover.

Pezuzu Pezuzu

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I wondered where I heard this before! It was one Metaljonus was working on.

This is fucking brilliant. Even though the bass feels quite absent. I still love the Metaalica-esque production on this! It's fucking fantastic man :D

Kudos to you guys!

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