How Stoners harrass on ventrilo

2008-03-24 11:42:04 by Xenogenocide
Updated NOXY

Video taken by me, while gand harrasses people on a voice over IP program. Unfortunately we skipped the match and decided not to play just to piss them off, but next time there will be a video of that.

The video wouldn't export from Windows crappy movie maker either, so I had to record it from fraps and it went a little laggy, but the quality is still there. :)

Might I also add that the video is a bit shit tbh...


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2008-03-24 18:30:41

men your music is awesome and first review!


2008-04-04 21:26:14

Love ur music it like combines metal with wailing rock guitr like steve vai or eddie van halen. if you have a cd id luv 2 buy it


2008-05-10 21:53:13

ok good luck with that


2008-05-12 02:19:29

Heres a trailer I made using your Sonic 3 song... c