2017-01-10 05:26:47 by Xenogenocide

So guys, I'm really excited to announce that us guys at Construct have released our official video for Reflection!


So if you like bands such as Tesseract, Monuments, Scar Symmetry, In Flames, Soilwork and so forth, head on over to where you can watch us break our necks repeatedly in caveman fashion.


It also features a really fancy Ormsby GTR TX. :)

Lots of love,




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2017-01-17 12:34:00

A really awesome job guys. WOW. So beautiful.


2017-05-06 09:33:50

Great stuff. Picked up your 4 tracks from Beyond the Dimensions V2 a few years backs for a few bucks off a site I can't remember. Been following your stuff for what feels like forever and it's always a joy.

Make my way back to NG every couple of years and glad to see some of my favorites doing well for themselves. Construct sounds pretty good, I will keep an eye on you guys. To be honest though, I prefer your Xenogen instrumentals over adding vocals but depending on delivery, I can fall in love with any type of music given the right setup.

Keep doing what you do best man!