'The Deity' Album release

2016-09-27 12:01:11 by Xenogenocide

So guys, I'd just like to take the time to say that I am thrilled to announce the digital release date of my band Construct's album "The Deity".


We've gotten to a point where it just feels like our hard work has paid off and it's the right time to reveal everything we've had in the works for so long now, so here is the cover art work.

Information on pricing to follow!



Unfortunately, we've had to hold back pre-orders and the release date, but stay tuned as even bigger things are about to come.


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2016-09-27 12:24:57

Can't wait


2016-09-27 16:08:28

I'm glad your still around. I found you when I found that sweet-ass Ice Cap Remix.


2016-09-27 16:09:22

Stupid mobile keyboard