NGD 2 - Ormsby HypeGTR 8-string in Walnut Burl

2016-08-23 06:54:24 by Xenogenocide

So after buying the first 7-string Ormsby, I almost immediately fell in love with it and decided to buy an 8-string Ormsby HypeGTR 8-string.

I'm so happy with the layout of the frets, it feels even more comfortable to play than the GTR TX 7-string and I'm not joking either! It only comes with 24-frets, but that's just perfect as it still reaches the full 5 octaves above the low E when drop tuning, just like with the extra frets on the 7-string (I'm currently utilizing both EBEADGBE and FBEADGBE tunings just FYI).

The neck is a set neck (which means no screws in the back) with Laminated Rock Maple, which gives that full fluid smooth playability and the body is Swamp Ash with a gorgeous Walnut Burl that looks like a very expensive table top. It has a Nunchucker A8 Bridge humbucker and De La Creme A2 Neck humbucker in the pickup slots perfectly aligned by the scale length along with all the choice you'd need from coil splitting options. Hipshot locking tuners are also included on the headstock, along with a hipshot bridge and complete with black hardware. What more could any enthusiast need from a production model guitar? Make no mistake, this is perfect in every way.

Price tag: $1889 AUD (Around £1100 GBP and $1450 USD)

Check out the shots of this little stunner! It'll definitely come up in future releases, for sure!






Check out the full album here. <-- clicky!

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2016-08-25 20:10:02

that is one sexy guitar.


2016-09-07 22:53:27

I agree with rebel