NGD - Ormsby GTR TX Carbon 7 in Mandarin

2016-06-18 10:32:42 by Xenogenocide

So I preordered this beauty last year with Ormsby's GTR Production Run group.

It's a production made fanned fret 7-string with a 27.8" scale on the lower end of the spectrum ranging to 25.5" on the higher end.

I'm really impressed with the quality of these guitars crafted at World Instruments in Korea, made to Perry Ormsby's own specifications as stated in the group. It's built very solidly, and includes a lot of features that you would expect from a custom built guitar like locking tuners and push/pull tone pots for coil splitting.

The tones I'm getting from this thing are stunningly beautiful (especially the cleans).

With a price tag of just $1699 AUD + Shipping & Taxes (around £885 GBP and $1250 USD), it was an absolute bargain and I couldn't resist. Well worth waiting for.



Check out the full album here. <-- clicky!

Ormsby Guitars <-- clicky!


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2016-06-18 10:41:20

7 cords !
( °-°)b


2016-06-18 14:54:05

When I first heard of 7 strings in high school, didn't believe it, had to ask an old hippie teacher if it were so. I've listened to a few since then, just amazing, and yours should have amazing tonal differentiations. Take care of that puppy, and keep on making great tunes!


2016-06-18 22:55:29

It's beautiful dude!!!
I was just looking in the market of the multi-scale 7 strings! perfect timing.
Only other one I've looked into was the new Kiesel stuff