I'm Back

2015-01-13 15:26:43 by Xenogenocide

For REAL this time. And it was a long time coming, but now with reduced working hours, I am finally able to do what I've always been destined to do!

So, now I return to NG and I bring you two things:


  • First, I have revamped a couple of the tracks from Beyond The Dimensions which you can check out here:





  • Second, I have uploaded a couple of covers to NG for anyone to use freely:





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2015-01-13 16:17:34

Your music is gold dude I'll be sure to follow you on youtube aswell...

Xenogenocide responds:

Thanks man! :D


2015-01-18 23:31:52

You came back to haunt us with anime lolitas? xD

(Updated ) Xenogenocide responds:

Yes.... Yes I did. AND MAD CLOWN VIDEOS.




2015-01-26 06:06:15

I remember when you left, totally skunked my day :( At least you dipped out gracefully, and with good reason... Do an old man a favor, did you ever tour/play near NYC, or was there a band by that name here in the States a while back?

Xenogenocide responds:

Hey man,

If there was a band under the name "Xenogenocide" it certainly wasn't me as I've never played lived under this name.

Though, in the pipeline, a band is in the works - So all hope is not lost!

Hope this answers your question.

Much love,