Album Compilation finally on Youtube!

2013-10-29 15:31:46 by Xenogenocide

So here we go, I've managed to upload all of my album Beyond The Dimensions up to Youtube.

It took almost 2 days, but here you have it in glorious 1080p HD so the avid listener can achieve the best possible quality in listening.

Beyond The Dimensions (2011)

00:24 - 01. Wake Up To Reality
03:52 - 02. World Of Fire
08:44 - 03. Final Redemption
11:56 - 04. The Void
15:41 - 05. Silently I Strike
18:34 - 06. Fatality
24:49 - 07. Rise
29:25 - 08. Reach Equilibrium
36:35 - 09. Quantum Theory Renegade
41:20 - 10. Epicity
47:21 - 11. Unfathomable Cycle Of Life

Of course, it is absolutely free to download, as are the rest of my tunes.

Bon appetite!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the following pages:-



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2013-10-29 15:43:01

well, looks like i'm set for tonight. haha. fucking sweet, man! thanks a lot for sharing! your stuff is gold!

Xenogenocide responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad to see you still around too Schleif. :)


2013-10-29 15:56:34

Fuckin eh, brother. glad you are still alive! hahaha.

Xenogenocide responds:

Only just clinging on Bad, it's getting harder to work with 5 different pages all interlinked.

I've got a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Myspace (redundant), Reverbnation (also redundant)...

The list could even go on further, but I've given up. Hehe, glad to see you kicking it still!

You should put some more stuff onto Youtube when you get chance dude, you won't regret it.


2013-10-29 16:24:51

Yes. Just yes.


2013-10-29 19:14:18

I already have the thing on my computer but I'm still happy for the people that can now listen to this on youtube.


2013-10-29 21:14:23

Thinking about it, brother. Just made the scorpions cover into a youtube thing, but I don't get too many views there....Although, I only have one video...haha.

But great GREAT music, man. Diggin the HELL out of all your shit. Really like EPICITY...especiallly...haha


2013-10-29 21:57:47

Sick! Love your stuff, man. By the way I've recently used your Epicity song in a trailer I made last month.


2014-01-21 07:10:38

I know it's tough, but you really need to find someone to lay down some REAL bass and drums to your tracks. Obviously the focus is your guitar work, but it would really shine with some good bass and drums. They really annoy me on this album... the synth bass sounds mushy and meh... and the superior drums are old, have someone lay down drums at least, or invest in a different drum machine or better drum samples. FReaking superb album though, Rich. As always, excellent playing!


2014-01-21 07:20:05

Reach Equlibirium has gotta be my favorite track. Super heavy, nicely placed chords and excellent melodic diversity. Such a well done song. Your talent as a writer has improved so much. But I swear that lick at 1:13 is a wintersun lick!


2014-01-21 07:27:10

Also, just one last thing, reach equliberium, that lick at 5:43 after the sexy acoustic playing and bridge, is so fucking orasmic. HAd to mention that. Also sounds really familiar, maybe nightwish-e. Love the fills, especially the fast tremolo pick one with bend, soooooo fuqqqing heavyy <3 You're one of my biggest guitar inspirations, more so than famous people


2014-01-21 20:57:00

Hey man can i use your Riding on the edge track for a video?