An update, finally???

2012-04-12 11:20:07 by Xenogenocide

UPDATE: Also added a new prototype of a song for your viewing pleasure. You can find that right HERE.


Okay, it's about time I update this page with something.

First things first.

I had to get rid of the old Ibanez due to Floyd Roses being a pain in the arse to tune every time. She will be sadly missed... the fuckin' bitch.

On another note: I finally have some decent gear to play with:

a Laney MXD 120H with a 4x12 Cab,
a Zoom G9.2tt effects pedal
AND a 7 string Dean Vendetta.

You can see some piccies HERE


An update, finally???


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2012-04-12 21:23:45

Goddamn xeno....everything looks great. Except the wanker holding the guitfiddle...loool. Awesome tune, brother. Can you email me a copy so I can play it on my radio show??????????????????///

Cheers mang.

Xenogenocide responds:

ahahaha, will send you asap bro. been a long time since we last spoke too. I think it's about time for a catch up man. peace


2012-04-13 13:50:42

damn, that does look awesome. cool shit man!

Xenogenocide responds:

Thanks man! I'm hoping to mod it soon too and get an Ibanez neck for it. This dean neck is awful and chunky, but when I played my friend's 7321 it felt perfect.

Also gonna get some Duncans on that shit too.


2012-04-17 22:45:31

Add me on xbox live: FEA5T

Xenogenocide responds:

I don't have an Xbox.


2012-05-05 15:18:59

7 strings? Wow, I've seen 6 and 12 strings (I've seen an 8-string once, although I tried to play it and I didn't find the note order appealing), but never a 7-string. That explains why all your songs sound like awesome that's been put on steroids with no negative side-effects.



2012-08-03 16:52:51

I wish you and xKore would collab. You two are the Kings of the Newgrounds Audio portal!!


2012-09-04 14:36:00

How do u like that Zoom pedal? I have the same aswell ^^... it's a pain in the ass for programing, but it sounds awesome when used right.


2012-10-05 22:46:20

I don't know if the guitar or the guy playing it or the computer in the background is more attractive. D/:



2013-01-07 20:11:30

Just got your album on BandCamp and that is some sweet shit. Get a vocalist and it's practically perfect!


2013-05-26 00:22:22

I have that same guitar :D