The Bad Man Does Radio!

2011-11-27 06:20:06 by Xenogenocide

Dudes, I have one more thing to mention! An old friend from Newgrounds usually has a spot with the Kamloops Campus/Community Radio station, CFBX 92.5 FM in Canada.

He plays some fucking insanely heavy shit. Say hello to the bad-man-incorporated himself!

You can listen to the radio station live by clicking "Listen Live" on the top right corner, incidentially.

This guy has one hell of a voice and did some awesome gutteral vocals for a track I layed down back in 2007 which you can listen to here: Dependency
Check out his other stuff on here too: Bad Man Incorporated


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2011-12-07 11:36:55

the "Bad Man" is making some radio ? gotta check it out ...!


2011-12-14 04:32:29

Yeah he featured me too on the show, awesome show. Also I love your stuff, i sent you a pm, check it out, another feature :)


2011-12-23 09:21:39

I used to listen to radio, then I took an arrow to the knee.


2012-02-03 20:45:19

Playing your bands shit next week...but the podcast goes live tomorrow. That is your bands stuff. With MEGA praise. :)


2012-02-03 20:46:42

And thanks for mentioning, dude. You fucking rule.


2012-02-15 19:06:29

Man I 'd really like to know how you make your music, like what software and microphones you use if any.