So the whole album is being uploaded.

2011-11-23 15:38:15 by Xenogenocide

Currently, the album is being uploaded on here (as the title says).

It should be known that the entire album is available from my bandcamp.

It's not very obvious, but it is FREE to download if you click on 'Buy it now' and enter '0' as your price.
I can't stress enough that I accept donations, but it is entirely optional if you want to pay for the album.

Anyway, next statement is that I have started working on projects for my band Zero Divide. We're hoping to be playing stuff live by next year. Check us out.

We currently have 3 demos up for free download and some more to come soon. If you dig what you hear then like us and link your friends to us. :)

Last, but not least, here is me doing a cover song. Give me some feedback, see what you think.


So the whole album is being uploaded.


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2011-11-23 17:10:50

Dude i had your album like over a month ago, it was absolutely sick.
You inspired me to shred harder, and write a song funnily enough.

Anyway, you keep it up.


2011-11-23 17:20:29

World Of Fire was super badass ! well, in really the entire album was


2011-11-23 20:18:45

Man, this is sick. All the melodies, harmonies and shreds are inspiring. The drum patterns as well are really tight and work perfectly. Some elements come off sounding a bit over-compressed at times but pretty much flawless for the most part. :) Great album, man.