2011-09-23 14:01:18 by Xenogenocide

Here it is! My very first official Album is released as 'Name your price', which basically means you can choose to donate if you wish, but you can enter "0" for the amount and get it for free. Just remember though, there are only 200 free copies according to the site, so share and share alike. Please do not upload this any where except if you are directly transferring it to a friend. Feel free to burn a copy on CD for your car/mates/what ever.

Tell your friends and enjoy!

P.S. YES, they are STILL royalty free to use for flash games/animations and youtube videos. Just be sure to put credits in your work. Business (for profit) use will be on my terms. Please contact me at for this.

One last thing: Please don't waste my time, I get a lot of emails asking to use music for non-commercial purposes, which I do appreciate, but they are not needed. Just go ahead and use! Thanks!




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2011-09-23 14:14:30



2011-09-23 14:28:44

are these royalty free for animations and stuff as well with credits to you?

Xenogenocide responds:

What kind of asshole would I be if I said they weren't royalty free?


2011-09-23 14:30:01

Downloaded and ready to start jamming!!!!


2011-09-23 21:56:35

helll yeahhh


2011-09-24 01:02:37

badass! ill donate when ive got some money in my pocket. keep making awesome music.


2011-09-27 09:17:38

I've been a fan of your work for years now. I have nearly all your musics from NG in my old mp3 reader. Your work provided me with peace of mind and allowed me to rock on through life. You are part of my 2 people list that I think deserves a reward, not only for your long and gratifying work towards the NG community, but also because you never asked for anything in return. Even now, you offer the work and effort of years to people for free.
I know I could have chosen 0 and get your work for free ... but I decided to donate 10$. I know it's not much, but it's what I can give (besides, Lashmush is also asking for 10$ for his new album at bandcamp, so I have to divide xD ).

You deserved this reward, and most certainly more. I hope this small donation helps you achieve your musical dreams of greatness, whatever they might be.

Today I will sleep better knowing that I aided not just a great musician, but also a great man achieving his personal goals.

Thanks for all you free work. Don't ever stop :D

Btw, Congratulation on being a part of Zer0Divide. I'll be watching that new band of yours as well :P

(Updated ) Xenogenocide responds:

Hey man, I don't blame you for wanting to have both! Go ahead and get lashmush's album,. You can always donate another time if you feel it's the right thing to do. Maybe think of it as a try before you buy kinda thing? ;)

Ah well, a little late now I guess? Thanks for your donation, it's very muchly appreciated!

Anyway, we're gonna be currently working on new material for Zero Divide now that I've finished my album shit. It's going to be a little different from my regular solo stuff. Hopefully it won't disappoint.


2011-09-28 22:45:18

Awesome shit dude. I couldn't donate anything because my parents wouldn't let me do so... if it wasn't for them I'd surely donate 30$ or more! Never stop, dude, keep rocking as you always do.

Rock on!


2011-09-28 22:48:09

PD: I have Fatality alpha version and QTR alpha version, amirite? ;)

Thanks dude!

Don't stop ever and rock on =)


2011-10-04 12:49:02

I've been waiting for the album release for some time. And I'm in a money-spending-mood. Lucky you! :D Of course you are in dire need of $'s. FLAC's are nice :D
Have these songs been used for games? I can definitely see a game using these songs... but I have never seen a game using them. I think there was a movie using one... I'm gonna go through all the song's pages to find flash-submissions using them. Anything beside Newgrounds you know of?


2011-10-04 20:47:38

Fuck, xeno. I'll download when I have some coin to donate..:)

We need to collllllaborate on something sooooon.


2011-10-10 19:40:10

hell.... I was gonna ask you about your gear but the pic pretty much sums it up xD....good stuff man, i've been listening to your stuff for a few years now, by far the best metal i've heard on here. I jam your music in my car from time to time xD.

Keep it raw man


2011-10-18 02:29:19

I promised earlier that I would purchase your album when I had money, $20.00, now im gonna go rock out for a few hours, your awesome.