Okay, so I've decided to go large

2011-08-05 20:24:47 by Xenogenocide

Alright, so here it is - an official Facebook page (yeyyyyyyy)


http://www.facebook.com/pages/Xenogeno cide-official/227798297264990

So yea, like it or DIE.

Also, album updates to come. ;)

Feel free to post fan art, tracks and random shit like funny videos, but don't spam.

Love you!


Okay, so I've decided to go large


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2011-08-05 21:25:46

I made sweet love to it! also like my bands page and mine!!!!

facebook.com/absenceoffearsa facebook.com/metaljonus!

Hey imma mess with that godmode song again!



2011-08-06 10:58:06

I'm gonna have to die, cuz facebook is fat.

Xenogenocide responds:

Knee grow.


2011-09-03 16:42:12

You manage to get a good quality out of a little, but I didn't think you'd be using a Marshall. Get a Tiny Terror or something, you find them for quite cheap these days.

Xenogenocide responds:

I don't actually record through the marshall, I just use it to hear what I am playing :P

All post processing to the dry guitar signal is done via VSTs and impulses