2011-02-05 21:09:42 by Xenogenocide

Yes, that's right. I'm making it a full time hobby! If you need a song mixed/mastered professionally, then I am available to try my hand at it.

I will need raw wavs (or high quality mp3 files) of each track (i.e. left and right guitar tracks, lead guitar, bass guitar and separated drums - hihats, cymbals, rack toms, floor toms , snare and kick).

Just make sure that nothing clips.

If you program the drums in midi, I will use my own superior drummer 2.0 configuration if you want.

Just post me a message on here.


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2011-02-05 23:54:05

if I had a bass, I'd probably hit you up, since bass soundfonts don't really sound great.


2011-02-07 01:37:45

I'm more trying to work on my own mastering skills actually! If you're down, I'd love to talk technique in mixing with you

Xenogenocide responds:

Sure man, add me on MSN or something - xenogenocide@gmail.com


2011-02-15 06:38:37

shit hook me up with a good drums tone! metaljonus@yahoo.com do it dickface!

Xenogenocide responds:

You looking for Superior 2.0 presets??? Do you have the Metal Foundry Expansion if so?


2011-02-17 15:57:52


Xenogenocide responds:

Yo, sent you the preset dude. Hope you got it now! :)


2011-02-19 10:49:46

Hey, is Dependency in Drop D tuning? Also, what key is it in? I'm doing a cover. Thanks!

Xenogenocide responds:

Yea, the newer one is in Drop C, but it works for all tunings :)


2011-02-19 20:27:31



2011-02-22 19:36:10

Could you do the Bacteria for the Special Infected for L4D + L4D2?

Xenogenocide responds:

I'll think about it later


2011-02-26 18:25:22

I need this pretty bad. I'll PM you the tracks in a RAR file.

Xenogenocide responds:

Sure, send away :)



2011-03-02 20:44:11

Yo, dude. Who is the song last man standing originally by?

Xenogenocide responds:



2011-03-04 09:31:52

Sweet. You should have tried to play some of the KB solos on guitar.


2011-03-04 09:33:45

Paradox Rise in Rank is also a killer thrash song to cover. wink wink


2011-03-13 22:20:40

A little off-topic, but when's "9000 x4" going to be finished? Or do you plan on waiting until it's about ten minutes long to release as a final installment?


2011-04-03 22:48:30

Hello, Xenogenocide (Your name is strange and difficult O_o).

I was wondering if you could give me some mastering tips, since my guitar is a bit dirty when I connect it with my KORG AX3G FX Proccessor. I tried using Audacity (Noise Removal Plugin) but it removes just minimaly the noise.



2011-04-04 16:11:13

can it be a loop


2011-04-06 23:40:02

Full time hobby huh?

You arent gonna release any tracks anymore?


2011-04-29 03:26:48

In addition to sending everying separated, should I send it mixed as well, as a rough idea of how it would sound?

Xenogenocide responds:

Sure dude, go for it :)

Make sure none of the audio clips.

Also, if you want to, you can send the drum track as a midi file - unless you want to send each part separately (kick, snare, cymbals, hihta, toms, etc)



2011-04-30 02:03:19

Well, I'm more of a punk rock/pop punk style person, and I'm working on a cover of Blink182's Dumpweed. Might be a bit different from what you're used to, although I don't doubt your skills, lol.

Xenogenocide responds:

Awesome stuff, I still love pop punk stuff like that anyways - Send us the stuff along you need me to mix at xenogenocide@gmail.com :)


2011-05-01 15:57:54

Alright man, as soon as I get it recorded, I'll send it. Going to send the drums as MIDI like you suggested, my drums SUCK. Also, one last question. Sometimes I double-track my rhythm guitar to get a slightly better tone. Should I send both of them as separate tracks, or should I just export both together, as it's done entirely for the tone?

Xenogenocide responds:

Probably best to send all parts separate man

Hope this helps