emo versions and beta versions...

2007-12-02 09:10:19 by Xenogenocide

Ok, as you may well know, a lot of my music is regularly transposed into more clear and updated versions with touchups added on solos, lower pitch, new riffs, etc.

Newgrounds is the place I show off first versions and listen to them over and over until I find bits which don't go or sound wrong.

The final versions of my song are uploaded at:


Thank you for reading and enjoy the final versions.


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2008-06-28 04:23:00

how the hell did that guy think you sounded like nirvana? he has probably only heard that wun song (u no the 1) ne wayz nirvana got half their fanbase after kurt shot himself. lot of fukin gud 2 him. ne wayz ready 2 sell me an album? id buy if u can put another song on their. ur awesum. now vai an satriani suck his can realate to their work...