Entry #1

Music and shiznad

2007-11-27 02:14:24 by Xenogenocide

Right, I'm getting a lot of PMs asking me about what equipment or what programs I use to make my stuff with.

Ok, first off, I'm not gonna answer any more PMs like that any more, so here's a list of stuff I use:

Music Program
Cubase SX 3

Amplitube 2
EZDrummer With Drumkit from hell expansion
EWQL Orchestra (Only sometimes)

Aria Pro XL guitar
Zoom G2.1u effects pedal *plugged in via USB*
and last, but not least, a shitty Marshall 15 watt practice amp

There you have it. No more questions asked.


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2007-11-27 09:10:34

Question: Can you make me a badassed theme song? lol


2007-11-27 18:57:52

Gtfo, Hitaro


2008-02-03 19:32:19

Is it ok if I add it to this? http://rig.newgrounds.com/news/post/4 0661
Fun fact - this blog post came right after I made http://rig.newgrounds.com/news/post/5 1644