Available for use/hire/sexual favors!

2010-05-06 21:46:50 by Xenogenocide

I've been a little busy for now just taking the time to prepare and upload everything to my Youtube channel here.

As you can see, this means business.

I'm starting to diverisfy in all different directions so I can try to acquire some work.

(I will still be doing metal AND Riding on the Edge is coming soon I promise!)

I am a music composer, mixer, and audio engineer looking to provide music for commercial/non-commercial purposes for your entertainment.

Please drop me an email at xenogenocide@gmail.com if you are interested.

Thanks and much love

- Xenogenocide


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2010-05-07 00:09:42

Send me a pic of your cock and I'll think about it.


2010-05-08 12:50:20

Damn right am I gonna get Riding on the Edge. Also might hit you up on your hire offer


2010-05-20 16:15:52

bend over for a start! ololololol


2010-05-29 12:33:03

I would love to hire you for some lead work on an entire album but first I need money XD

\m/ Metal \m/