Where have I been?

2010-03-04 21:30:35 by Xenogenocide

Back last year just before christmas, I put a few new songs on Newgrounds. They were pretty good, in that the sound I got was starting to sound pretty professional.

But the time came just after this year when I thought to myself "All these real bands I listen to sound pretty amazing - There's something else my production is lacking".

SO, I've taken the past 2 months to create a studio quality sound that will BLOW your minds.

Currently, I have 3 songs in the works (1 fully complete and 2 almost finished).

Unfortunately, I won't be releasing them here. Instead, they are going on a NEW ALBUM I am making - hopefully will be released this year.
There will be a price tag of course, though it won't be much. I'm not greedy, but I have to earn a living some way or another.

The GOOD news is that I will eventually finish Riding on the Edge - That's NOT going to be on my album. It will retain a similar sound to what it currently has.

Now, about this album. It's going to consist of melodic death/thrash pieces - Original content and a few remakes of some of my best work.

As of yet, it is undecided whether I will produce any collaborative efforts with anybody from Newgrounds.

I may also be trying my hand a vocals. But, I'll have to see the capabilities of my voice and, more importantly, lyric writing skills.

Anyway, c ya l8r m8s n av a gud'n

- hugz & kissies


UPDATE: Check out the new song on my Myspace page at: http://www.myspace.com/xenometal

Thanks for the support and gg koreaaaaa!

Where have I been?


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2010-03-04 21:38:32

Sweet if you needa wanker on the album i'll gladly wank it up lol


2010-03-05 02:48:17

Oh noooooooo need moar Xenogenocide NAO! :D


2010-03-14 07:49:43

Dont lie to us! You have been away because you have been playing Forklift Truck Simulator 2009 >:(

JK, good luck on the new album mate and make it awesome!