2009-02-10 07:52:18 by Xenogenocide

Me and Devastus are working on something awesome.

It seems as though Dev isn't responding to me anymore though, I think he may have given up on his side of the collab. T_T

I can't decide whether to expose the idea or not, but I'm going to keep it secret until Dev gives me the 'go ahead'.

I haven't been working on anything of my own yet because I haven't been at home to do it. I've got the job centre and driving lessons to worry about at the moment, which is a huge ballache, but they only take up a few hours of one day per week.

I've been playing left 4 dead to kill time these days.

Here's a clip of me (Xenogen) and my usual team (Tony Almeida & Mr Chris) kicking ass after carrying on the finale.


I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but I'm also on Day 8 of going Cold Turkey from Smoking.

Also, a quick mention to 'Cameron D'. Thanks for the new banner ;)


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2009-02-10 19:43:15

Your welcome. hope you get my email.


2009-02-27 16:22:07

You kick that smoking habit! You can rock faster without tar in your lungs! BRAWWWWW!

Xenogenocide responds:

lol It worked. I've lost count of the days now.


2009-03-03 11:26:00

I am glad that ur trying to stop smoking

Xenogenocide responds:

Not trying, HAVE quit.

I'm on nearly 4 weeks now.


2009-03-03 16:33:09

You still smoke...and you know it! ;D

Xenogenocide responds:

yea, smoking weed ;D


2009-03-20 14:45:11

I haven't given up yet! Just keeping a break that's all... :P

And awesome that you've quit smoking.


2009-04-10 16:07:14

i cant wait to see what your working on, and your awesome at left 4 dead


2010-06-17 01:43:28

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