Gah, I am sick of coming up with shit ideas

2009-01-19 19:32:49 by Xenogenocide

I need some inspiration!



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2009-01-19 21:31:37

Hm, finishin' Xeno random #3? Orr, check this shit out. hehe whzK8


2009-01-19 22:55:00

Dude we should make track. Hopefully melodic metal, thing is i have no ideas myself satan dangit!!!


2009-01-20 11:10:29

Inspiration? Hmm... Watch a movie or someting that inspires you :D always helps me out when composing songs ; D


2009-01-22 21:25:09

do some more video game covers, such as Castle vania:SOTN, mega mans 1 through 8, or (i know its been done a million times) F-zero.


2009-01-23 19:16:56

Yeah, guitarist block sucks. Try either doing something thats really heavy such as: CHUNK CHUNK DUN DUN DUN *WEE* DUN DUN *WEE*

or something melodic like: BUM BUM DAT BUM DA BUM DA DA DADA.

you know? xD.

hope that helps


2009-01-23 21:53:45

Here's a great one: redo the doom e1m1 or whatever. that would be fucking sweet. It seems like someone always does shit remixes of the song, but I think you could do it justice!


2009-01-25 16:33:12

Long ago you told me you would dish out a remake of avast. I still happily await the day when this happens.

Xenogenocide responds:

ah! ahahahah! Yes! brilliant idea :D


2009-01-27 14:16:53

I can help you if I have permission to use your songs on my YouTube Channel. I generate a decent amount of views sure enough to motivate you more, haha. :-)

So do I have permission?

Xenogenocide responds:

! yes


2009-01-30 21:17:45

how about killing nazi's?

Xenogenocide responds:

Damn... I like :D


2009-02-01 07:35:28

Do more covers of video game songs.