Everybody must know.

2008-12-30 09:51:27 by Xenogenocide

People, you need to send this to friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, EVERYBODY you know.

The message needs to be spread about Zeitgeist the Addendum: http://video.google.com/videoplay?doci d=7065205277695921912

Very interesting, as this explains the basic principals of how money is created. You will probably scream in a fit of rage at the outcome.


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2009-01-11 23:52:29

so youve seen it? have you seen zeitgeist the movie? eye opener about war in america, religion and 911
btw do u upload tabs at all? id love to learn fatality


2009-01-13 23:41:23

Though, I love the ending of that movie (and the soundtrack, hehe), I find myself questioning its sources. Do some research before any drastic movements. Though, their solution is a plausable one, no way in hell it would come to reality. Just my 2 cents.


2009-01-16 23:36:37

Where have you been man? Is it winter there? See here its -20 degrees farenheit, so some liquor doesnt hurt! Make something !!!!! Till next time, take care.