2008-10-31 05:08:50 by Xenogenocide

well, it's been a while since I last released any songs at all. Unfortunately, as shitty as electronic components are, my Zoom pedal has managed to break.

Nothing to worry about though, I'm getting a pod x3 next month, so I should be back on track very soon.

Working a full time job has also been one cause of my slight disappearance from Newgrounds, but I will be back within a week or 2.


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2008-10-31 06:17:13

Haha, told ya! :P

Oh, so you're getting a pod x3? No interest in da pod xt anymore?

Shuu you! ;P


2008-10-31 16:34:04

holy ass you're back!!!

cant wait to hear some new songs man ;)

(also i have a post that's kind os a tribute to you. check it out.)


2008-11-01 09:46:55

wooo! your back! i was wondering where u went. O.o


2008-11-07 22:11:53

Can't wait to hear you make full songs out of some of your recent random stuff. 1, 2, 4, and 6 are the ones I'd like to hear made into something the most.


2008-11-17 14:10:18



2008-11-18 15:53:49


if you want the greatest distortion pedal ever

purchase "The Big Muff"

you'll never regret it


2008-12-01 21:24:05

Don't worry.

you are an appreciated artist!

I am often melancholy about how much quality music comes through newgrounds but artist are almost always unappreciated.

you are not!