2008-08-01 14:01:14 by Xenogenocide

Got Superior Drummer v2.0 today! Woohoo!

I must say I am majorly impressed with it, how ever most of the snares sound like a metal dust bin lid being smacked with the horrible ringing sound. Nothing a bit of pro editting can't resolve. I love the additions of compressors, 5-band EQs and filters to choose from for each separate microphone so there's a lot of versatility with it.

It also lets you add samples from other EZDrummer libraries and dfh superior. Pure genius.

Oh, and by the way, I am awesome.



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2008-08-01 17:05:40

fuck you bennyballer go f**k urself u asshole

Xenogenocide responds:

Lol, I thought it was funny.


2008-08-01 20:38:57

Awesome. I always thought you did a good job with your drums, but your test of this program sounds great.

Xenogenocide responds:

Ty, everything is coming together with this program slowly but surely. :D


2008-08-02 06:36:48

Sounds wicked man.

Xenogenocide responds:

Thanks man :D


2008-08-02 14:20:50

Dammit! i still got V.1 now i need to go get that just to keep up!

Xenogenocide responds:

V1 is still sexy!


2008-08-03 17:07:29

u sux >:(

The superior kit looks quite awesome. Lookin' to hear more stuff from you with this kit.

And hey, what about that solo thing in the one thing I PMed you? Get on it already :P

Xenogenocide responds:

Sure man, if you send me the original so I can see how it's played. :P

Also, PM me your MSN addy or something so we can talk. :D


2008-08-04 04:34:59

On second suck, go play with da bongos! ;D


Xenogenocide responds:

yaaaaya bongos :D :D :D

- Hugz & kissies!


2008-08-10 13:25:13

You can thank Metallica and St.Anger for those shitty snares. Fucking bastards.
Anyways, sounds pretty fucking good man. I just picked up "Addictive Drums". But for metal I'll still use my own kick. They have some great snare samples. If I catch you on messenger I'll slide a preview your way. :P

Your shit rules. (not your poo. I don't like poo.)


2008-09-09 21:49:05

man to master this shit you gotta to be awesome


2008-10-24 19:47:25

Dude thats wicked sick! way to go!