Xenogenocide is...

2008-06-19 09:12:45 by Xenogenocide


That's right folks, I'll be in America for 3 weeks from the 4th July to the 21st.

I don't know where exactly in these states I'll be yet, but I know I will be visiting Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan and maybe some other places. I may just announce the places beforehand so you may be able to get a chance to meet me, bwahaha!

You had better not laugh at my bloody accent though! >_<

Just look out for the guy in the picture. That's me! ;)


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2008-06-19 10:58:19

If only i was in america. i could be your translator just incase. =3

Xenogenocide responds:

Lol, yea. They probably wouldn't understand stuff like "Cuppa Tea, Petrol, Pavement, Sofa, etc."


2008-06-19 14:23:13

huh...how come? oO

Xenogenocide responds:

Visiting an old time friend dude! Not seen him for a while and this'll be the first in 2 years.


2008-06-24 13:14:23

cool. you should start a music buisness there or something your are the KING OF THE HEAVY METAL PORTALSSSSSS!!!!!


2008-06-26 03:00:07

Wow... ur going to all the crap states lol.


2008-07-03 01:27:50

You should hit me up if you come to So cal.

have a great trip!!


2008-07-07 03:50:24

Only east coast, bro? Bummer, man. Have fun, don't get to drunk.


2008-07-15 22:13:50

I think I saw you on the new here in the U.S. as 'America's Most Wanted.' If you're near Pennsylvania or New York let us know. I'll keep an ear out for any amazing guitar work & then I'll just follow the sound to find ya. Hope you enjoy your time here, Peace.


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